Diddly Squat Demystified


Discover everything you didn’t want to know about the Squat: The mystery, the myth, the allegations, the tantrums….and that business with the tomato sauce!

 Join us for a rollicking evening of live music and quiz games at The Green Owl.

Now, here's the fun bit - we'd love your participation!

Ask us a Question

What have you always wanted to know about Diddly Squat?

We're inviting YOU to email us by August 6 with questions for the band.

If you're able to attend on the night, we'll invite you to ask your question in person. If not, someone else will read it for you.

So, hit us up with your questions..... nothing is off limits.

Here's a few to get you started.

"If someone threw undies at you on stage, what would you do?"

"If Donald trump offered $12 million to play at his election fundraiser would you accept?"

 Email your questions by August 6: diddly@diddlysquatband.com


Diddly Squat Demystified:
When: August 25 - 7:30pm
Where: The Green Owl, 52 Brookes St Bowen Hills
Tickets: $ 10 prebooked online or $15 at the door
Grab your friends and book a table.

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I feel the need

Sometimes the urge to be a Top Gun is too overwhelming!
Here at Diddly HQ, the flannelette PJ's are in season, and we're heading outdoors to play in the garden.

On Saturday June 2, 2018 - we'll be making some noise outdoors at the annual IndigiDayOut & Folk Redlands Festival of Music. 
(celebrating World Environment Day)
Market stalls, kids' activities, & a terrific live music program.

10:10 - 10:50am: Diddly Squat on the Main Stage

other Acts include The Fergies, Joe Geia, Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts, & much more.
View Full Program

What else do we do in the garden?
It's all in our video for the single, All So Ordinary !!!
  and if you still haven't got your mp3 of the song you can 


Download from cdBaby 
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Download from iTunes

Debut Single out now

We're excited to announce our first debut Single ALL SO ORDINARY is available now!
Some of you already know the song which we first recorded at 24 hours notice for the Exhumed album in 2013.

It's now sounding even better! Free from the gaze of TV cameras, we tracked new vocals with sound engineer, Joe Panetta, and now have a fresh new mix.

Written by band member Kath Ridgway after a harrowing battle with breast cancer, All So Ordinary was originally conceived from a place of fear, but later born into a place of joy and gratitude for the mundane, routine normalcy of life.

Says Kath: "I remember sitting in a traffic jam, feeling so happy to be alive. It is amazing how wonderful a simple sunrise, green grass and spending time with those we love can be.”

It's long been Kath's dream to use this song to contribute to cancer research and awareness.
So, once we recoup our costs, proceeds will be donated to a cancer charity... the more Downloads, the more we can send to charity!

Share & please tell your friends.... Let's send some joy into the world.

Watch the teaser video


Download your mp3!

Download from cdBaby (this platform gives us best return)  OR Download from iTunes


Hang Ten Gold Coast

We have long had a love affair with the Gold Coast.

Prior to starting the band, we spent many weekends hanging out at Currumbin Alley for early morning board meetings, straddling malibus. 

Alas after 8 years, we were still thrashing around in the shallows, and never did graduate to getting "out back" and "carving it up"!

 Nevertheless, we always went home with the biggest smiles.

We're thrilled to be back at the Goldie this Saturday 25th February performing at Coast Acoustics.


 We had a chat to ABC Gold Coast's very lovely Nicole Dyer ahead of the gig. 

Catch the replay here 
talking bucket lists, playing on the back of a truck & a sneak preview of a new remix of Kath's song, "All So Ordinary".

Some of you will be familiar with this song which was recorded for the Exhumed Compilation album in 2013, at 24 hours notice!

We were rather outside of our comfort zone at the time, so jumped at the opportunity to spend an evening in the studio last month with the original sound engineer Joe Panetta, recording new vocals and tweaking the mix.

Looking forward to official release very soon. Watch this space.


 hope to see you Saturday 25th:

Where: Coast Acoustics 
Country Paradise Parklands
231 Beaudesert-Nerang Rd, Nerang

When: Saturday 25th February
1pm-3:30pm Open Mic;  4-5pm Diddly Squat

Entry: Coast Acoustics Members $5;
Non Members $15 -includes bonus 12 month membership

Icecream, sausage sizzle, drinks

Bollywood Anyone?

An absolutely glorious day at the Peaks to Points Festival. Wonderful to see so many families enjoying the perfect weather, environmental displays and entertainment. One of the highlights.... letting loose at the Bollywood Dance class. 

Christmas at the Alderley Arms

What a terrific fun loving crowd at the Alderley Arms Hotel! Thank you to Across The Ditch - for another ripper night of rock'n roll. Happy Season's greetings to all.

and sausage rolls might fly

Dreams are the things that keep us inspired to move forward, then there's those occasions when amazing opportunities seem to drop out of the sky! 

It's a long way to the top if you want a sausage roll, and who said sausage rolls can't fly!

Join us for the joyride & sign up for our mailing list - what fun can we share together?

Making a Difference

We're so thrilled that our diddling around can help make a difference for those in need.

We were so happy to hear this update from Suzanne, organiser of the fundraiser we played at Stella Maris in March 2014. 

"The money raised bought this wonderful car for Kieran (photo) and his two mates with disabilities have happily settled into their own purpose built home. The house "Yavardee" (aboriginal for 'home') was officially opened in November. THANK YOU for giving so generously of your time and talent to bring awareness to our project."

Yikes, we're in business

Yikes, we're in business!

 We now have a registered business name and can officially call ourselves 'diddly squat band".

 That doesn't mean we'll be performing in pinstripe suits (we detest dry cleaning and ironing) but maybe we'll have a go at shining our shoes just a little bit..... 

hmmm then again, maybe not.


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