All So Ordinary (remix) - mp3


We recorded All So Ordinary for the Exhumed TV series at a hectic pace with less than 24 hours’ notice. At the time, we knew “diddly squat”, but three years on, with the benefit of more experience, and without the pressure of TV cameras, we revisited studio engineer Joe Panetta to re-record vocal tracks and create a fresh new remix.

Written by band member Kath Ridgway after a harrowing battle with breast cancer, All So Ordinary is a catchy upbeat song originally conceived from a place of fear, but later born into a place of joy and gratitude for the mundane, routine normalcy of life.

 “I remember sitting in a traffic jam, feeling so happy to be alive. It is amazing how wonderful a simple sunrise, green grass and spending time with those we love can be,” says Ridgway.

We hope the song will uplift and bring joy to those who need it.
percentage of proceeds will be donated to Cancer charities.

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